Hanko Image Translation Rules
Digital Hanko Image - Design rules
In order to keep your Hanko designs fine and sophisticated. We have some rules in the way of translating and lay-outing your names.

1. Adjustment of lay-out by inserting additional kanji characters

According to number of characters of your Kanji name, we'll insert the kanji word(s) in_seal_07, or no_in_seal-of_09 in addition to the Kanji name. This is one of the common rules of lay-outing real Hanko Seals in Japan.

2. Proper nouns in organization's name

Proper nouns in organization's name, such as place-names, person's names, shop's names, business names, will be rendered into Japanese Katakana symbols. If you absolutely need Kanji organization name, such as for martial art dojo names, please contact us via e-mail before ordering.

3. "Ltd.", "Inc.", "Co.,", "Corp.", etc
Such words representing the "organization" will be rendered into Japanese Kanji hanko_rule_sha_12("sha").