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Please fill in the textbox below. Either One Name (first-name or Surname) or One Organization Name (Up to 5-source words) is available. Descriptions are not needed here. Make sure NOT to enter any OTHER WORD but one name and "firstname" or "surname" or "organization".

(1)Name* to be converted into Japanese symbols ( e.g. JAPANNIUM ltd. / organization )

For appropriately accurate kanji conversions, let us know about brief informations on person who uses this name, also about intended use of the Hanko Image.

( e.g. marshal arts certificate )

  Select your favorite font style among sample images below. Copy and paste the font name in the textbox below.
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  Actual kanji characters and layout of your name should differ from their appearance on the sample images above.
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If you have some descriptions on meaning, pronunciation, and etc. ( e.g. Meaning of my name is "justice" or "one who is just" ) .

Please note that the meanings or overtones of the rendered Kanji name can not quite correspond to what you requested. Cause we basically pick kanji characters that can phonetically represent the English names for your Kanji names.

  Descriptions ( if any )

up to 200 characters

Excess texts over 200 characters should be cut short and should reach to us in unperfect. If you want to provide somewhat long descriptions, please send it to us via e-mail or Contact form later.
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Digital Hanko Image Design Service (Round)
( DHID-R ) $14.95-USD

translation fee is included
(for one name)
The purchase(s) will be electrically delivered to the e-mail you are to provide on PayPal's Form within 48 business-hours from when the payment is confirmed.
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