Kanji name tattoo
Tattoo Gallery and Testimonials 01
We can't say anything except thank you to all of the customers who ordered our service and send us back the photos of their nice works. We have renewed our kanji tattoo gallery again at customers' requests. Please post your tattoo or other design works via our Post Form. Thanks again and a lot.
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Kanji Tattoo Gallery & Testimonials 01

Kanji name - kanji, horizontal
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Dear "Artist"- Ari Gato! THANK YOU so much for your prompt request for the Kanji )(Wisdom,).. I'm giving it as a gift to a friend in New Zealand who is getting her 1st. tattoo. I have used other services before, but none that offered so "many" fonts at such a reasonable price! You are now my "new" service to go to whenever me and my friends need such art. I teach martial arts, (I'm a retired police officer), and my students all want similar tattoos; I will tell ALL my friends about "your" service! Feel free to use these photos any way you wish. As far as anyone is concerned, they "all" came from "you"!

Thanks again
Live, Love, and Laugh
Live, Love, Laugh - kanji, vertical
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Thank you Japannium, for your service in translating my project.