Digital Hanko Images Design

Japanese style Hanko stamp images
- For your artworks and documents

If you're looking for a unique and tasteful signature seal for your digital artworks, please take a look our Digital Hanko Images Design services.

In Japan, "Hanko" personal stamp or seal serves the same role as a signature in the West. Featuring a person or organization's name written in Japanese symbols, Hanko is used onto important documents or artworks for serious identification.

We translate your name or company's name into Japanese and design the authentic Hanko images just like the real thing.

Example of use:

  •  ◽artwork, photo, website
  •  ◽document, e-mail, Letter-head, avatar
  •  ◽scroll, Haiku cards, Etegami, crafts
  •  ◽certificate, gift, etc.

Digital Hanko Images Design Main Features

> On-demand digital product (Transparent PNG Images)

> Japanese authentic design

> Both positive and negative type images are bundled*

> Both matte paint and shading density type images are bundled

> You can choose a favorite font from among 6 Japanese fonts

*Available in our Regular Design Service

Digital Hanko Image
Regular Design Service

$14.95 USD

Digital Hanko Image Regular Design

Regular Design Service offers the traditional and popular type of Hanko shapes commonly used in Japan. Please choose the most suitable one for your use.

 ◽ Square Type (single line)

 ◽ Round Type (single line)

 ◽ Square Type (double-lined)

 ◽ Round Type (double-lined)


More for Regular Design Service

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