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Quality on-demand digital product (PNG images)

This service is available in PNG format (24-bit) that ensures both transparency and sharpness of Hanko images. You'll get a compressed file (ZIP file) via e-mail. After decompression, just open it in your image editor or document editor application that can handle the PNG image format, and layout it digitally onto your artworks or documents.

*Please note that this product will be provided as a digital product, not a physical or printed item.

English to Japanese conversion

Our Japanese translation services are provided only by our professional translators, who's been in the very thick of English to Japanese translation and design business.

One of the following is acceptable;

  ◽ One person's name = first-name or surname (+ brief title)

  ◽ One organization's name

  ◽ A few words

*Please note too many characters on the seal face often spoil the readability and design fineness of the seal impression. If any questions on the ordering name or the phrase, feel free to contact us before ordering.

Available Hanko Shapes at Rakkan Design

Available Rakkan Hanko Shapes

Rakkan Design service offers retro and creative Hanko shapes. Please choose the most suitable one for your use.

 ◽ 01 Retro (negative)

 ◽ 02-1 Retro (positive)

 ◽ 02-2 Retro (negative)

 ◽ 03 Retro (positive)

 ◽ 04 Retro (negative)

 ◽ 05-1 Retro (positive)

 ◽ 05-2 Retro (negative)

Available 6 Japanese Fonts at Rakkan Design

Available Japanese Fonts

Please choose your favorite one.

 ◽ Tensho (篆書)

 ◽ Koin (古印)

 ◽ Reisho (隷書)

 ◽ Kaisho (楷書)

 ◽ Gyousho (行書)

 ◽ Shukou (手稿)

Both Rakkan and Regular style images are bundled

Rakkan and Regular Style Images are Bundled

 ◽ Rakkan style

  - Rough-hewn taste. Well-used and nicely worn edge.

 ◽ Regular style

  - Hand-carved taste. Slightly chipped edge.

Both matte paint and shading density types are bundled

Matte and Shading Images are Bundled

 ◽ Matte paint type

  - Painted evenly, having no transparency in its painting.

 ◽ Shading density type

  - Having subtle and uneven transparency in itself like as the real imprint.

A total of 16 different-sized files all at once

 ◽ For printing

  - 2"/350dpi (Rakkan/Regular) x (Matte/Shade)

  - 1"/350dpi (Rakkan/Regular) x (Matte/Shade)

 ◽ For screen display

  - 2"/72dpi (Rakkan/Regular) x (Matte/Shade)

  - 1"/72dpi (Rakkan/Regular) x (Matte/Shade)

*All measurements are approximate.

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Important Notice

*The products will be provided in the form of the zipped PNG image files. This means that you should have any applications that can handle zip files and PNG files on your PC or Smartphone. An image editor or document editor that can handle PNG images is also needed if you layout them onto your artworks or documents.

*The product will be electronically delivered to you within 48 to 72 business hours from when both the order detail and the payment are confirmed. It may take additional delivery time for orders placed on Sundays, Saturdays, holidays and the preceding days. Also please allow us some additional turnaround times in case of unexpected situations.

*Once the product file has been delivered via email, any corrections and modifications caused by customers would be charged at cost plus, and also order cancellation is not acceptable due to the nature of the make-to-order digital products.

*If any additional customizations, please email us in advance of making an order. If your requests are feasible for us, we’ll accept it for free or for some fee.

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