Martial Arts Certificates Border Design Samples

Dragon border design

Dragon Border Japanese Dragon Border

Dragon (Ryū) 龍 or 竜

The dragon is a legendary creature widely known to the Orient such as China and Japan.

A mythical symbol of "success", "fortune".

Phoenix border design

Phoenix Border Japanese Phoenix Border

Phoenix (Hō-ō) 鳳凰 or 朱雀(Su-za-ku), 不死鳥(Fu-shi-chō)

The "鳳凰 phoenix" is a legendary bird in East Asian mythology.

It is a symbol of "virtue", "eternity".

Tiger border design

Tiger Border White Tiger Border

White Tiger (Byak-ko) 白虎

It is widely believed that a white tiger is an emissary of the divinity, and the protective of the martialists in east Asia.

It represents the vetue of "gallantry", "loftiness".

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