Martial Arts Certificate
Custom Design Service

Quality on-demand digital product (printable PDF)

This service is available in a fine-quality Acrobat (.PDF) format. You'll get printable PDF files via e-mail. After decompression, just open it in your favorite application that can handle PDF, and print it on to high-quality printer paper.

*Please note that this product will be provided as a digital product, not printed material.

Both English and Japanese texts are lay-outed all together

Our certificate design bases on well defined Japanese traditional styles. Also, English texts are put down with Japanese texts so that everyone may understand what the certificate describes. On your left hand are the original English texts, and the right hand is the vertical Japanese translation of the original English.

*We'll make properly idiomatic translation based on Japanese traditional certificate format.

Available layout format (landscape)

Letter format -for 11"X8.5"/279X216(mm)
Tabloid format -for 17"X11"/432X279(mm)
A4 format -for 11.7"X8.3"/297X210(mm)
A3 format -for 16.5"X11.7"/420X297(mm)

*Please select one when ordering.

Additional Order at a reasonable price

>Once the initial design was ordered, you can make additional orders for other students or ranks at a reasonable price.

*We will store your design template in the database. If no activity within recent 12 months, the template will be permanently discarded and never be restored.

Customizable text and design items

Allows for customization of any or all of the following text items after the form of this service.

Text Items  >>Visual Guide

A. Heading Text: default: “Certificate (to)"

B. Name of the award recipient: *one person's name

C. Awarded rank/qualification: default label: “Obtained Rank:”

D. Award text: *within 20 to 50 English words

default:“This is to recognize that the person mentioned above is hereby licensed to rank in the grade of the specified rank of (style of the Art) in recognition of the great progress that he or she has made by the diligent study of the Art."

E. Date of award: default label: “Date of Registration:

F. Name of organization and school

G. Signature line (for Instructors): removable

H. Signature line (for Conferrer) name/rank/title: *one conferrer's name

Design Items  >>Visual Guide

Border design: You can make a choice from among “Dragon”, “Phoenix”, “Tiger”, and “Tiger vs Dragon” boders.

*You can also choose no border design.

Border color: If you want to customize the border color, Please specify a CMYK color code at the time of ordering.

 >>See Border Color Samples

*The screen and printed colors might be slightly different from the actual color on the CMYK color chart.

Logo / Watermark: Default design or user's original logo/watermark design.

*We don’t offer any service of designing nor modifying logo/watermark images. Please send finished image files in jpg, png, or eps format.

*The printed quality of the images would depend on the resolution size of the submitted images. 300dpi/full-scale is recommended.

*You can also choose no logo/watermark design.

Digital Hanko Stamp Images: We will render digital Hanko stamp images, and layout them digitally onto your certificate if needed.

*Hanko1: Name of school/class/organization, etc. (square shape) -You can make a choice between positive type or negative type.

*Hanko2: Name of conferrer (round shape) -Positive type only, one surname + brief title, would be translated into Japanese katakana name.

*Proper nouns, such as person's names or place-names, would be translated into Japanese katakana phonetic scripts. Because this is the proper way to write non-Japanese words in Japanese.

Japanese font type: Please make a choice of a Japanese font type from among the three font types.

*Font type 1 is the default font and commonly recommended.

Order Martial Arts Certificate Custom Design Service

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Usually within 48 to 72 business hours*
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Important Notice

*The products will be provided in the form of the zipped PDF file. This means that you should have any applications that can handle zip files and PDF files on your PC or Smartphone. A connected printer is also needed.

*The product will be electronically delivered to you within 48 to 72 business hours from when both the order detail and the payment are confirmed. It may take additional delivery time for orders placed on Sundays, Saturdays, holidays and the preceding days. Also, please allow us some additional turnaround time in case of unexpected situations.

*This PDF product has enough resolution size to get fine quality prints. But the actual printed result of this product depends on the performance of your PC or printer.

*We will neither arrange nor correct your original English texts. Please confirm the original English texts before submitting.

*Once the product file has been delivered via email, any corrections and modifications caused by customers would be charged at cost plus, and also order cancellation is not acceptable due to the nature of the make-to-order digital products.

*If any additional customizations, please email us in advance of making an order. If your requests are feasible for us, we’ll accept it for free or for some fee. However, any blank design in the required text field is not acceptable.

Certificates Additional Order

$12.95 USD per order

To make an additional certificate with using the design template, the initial certificate design (Custom or Semi-custom Design) should be ordered in advance. A valid Certificate Template ID Number of the initial certificate product will be required.

The following portions of the text items are modifiable;

1. Name of the award recipient

2. Awarded rank/title

3. Date of award


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